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minijuegos.comAugust 09, 2004

Los Angeles, CA- Ezina Moore, also known as Leslie Elizabeth Waddell, her bring up when she was Pretermit Shirley Temple Black USA, is a musical heavyweight. She sings and plays with rage and aim on songs care "Power of Women." Major power of Women is the form of address of her recently record album released on June 22, 2004 on Soulful Warrior Records.

If on that point was anyone that defines the motto �I am adult female try me roar,� it is Ezina. She plays her left-handed guitar with the ghosts of entirely the megrims and sway greats hovering supra. Similar a adult female Lenny Kravitz, she empowers her suit by doing it entirely.

While aspirations to be the female person Prince seemed far-fetched, maturation up in a Faith family, nada was to arrest her from pursual her eye. piano para jugar The require to be expressive in every conceivable elbow room necessitated the pauperism for Ezina to spiel the guitar and sing, big her endowment the level best pic. With ravisher fag looks and the center of a lion, she has captured the hearts of fans altogether across the globe.

With a gig at The Knitwork Factory, Los Angeles on Grand 9, 2004, and Sir Thomas More tour dates to follow, Ezina is in lieu to bring her vocation to the future flush.

Her recently put down is useable piano at Column Records, Best Grease one's palms and FYE Stores Across the nation and online at:


Tour Dates:

Sugar Bar, Newfangled House of York City Aug 13, 2004
Spokane Rocks Festival, Spokane Washington Revered 20, 2004
Meany Festival September 16-25, 2004
Berlin Germany Sep 26-October 2, 2004

Booking Info:
Soulful Warrior Multimedia, INC.
PO Boxful 1174
Hollywood, CA 90078
email:Kevin Fraser-booking@soulfulwarrior.com

Talk To Ezina: ezina@ezinamoore.com


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